The east side of the island is known for its sandy beaches, its moderate development, the family atmosphere, its safety, the change of scenery behind its green hills. Planos and its beach, Tsilivi, is one of the most beautiful tourist areas of the island, with very high standard facilities, services and options. Moreover, here you can visit the Milanio Maritime MuseumKipseli or "Belusi" is known for its local, sweet onions grown in the area, as well as for its magnificent churches of Panagia Belusiotisa and Agia Paraskevi, and the picturesque chapel of Agios Charalabos, right next to theVenetian guard.

In the nearby Tragaki, a village surrounded by citrus orchards, there stand two beautiful churches, that of Agios Nikolaos and that of Panagia Kantuniotissa, while the historically and artistically significant monastery of Panagia Dermatoussa, lies in a cypress and pine forest. The beaches, such as TsiliviGaydaros, Abula are lovely, sandy, clean and ideal for relaxation. Head to Gerakaria, Ano, Meso and Kato, where apart from the beaches you will discover, you will be enchanted by the view from the church of Agios Nikolaos to Anemogduri. Continue to the beach of Alikes, in the tourist area of Katastari, the largest town of the island. Take a swim, visit the site of old Alikes, buy your souvenirs and go uphill for the monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, a place of peace and prayer.

A work of art
Going uphill to the east, you will discover two of the most beautiful and spectacular beaches of Zakynthos: Xygia andMakris Gialos. Dine in one of the many local tavernas that offer food of exceptional quality, enjoying the endless blue of the Ionian.

All roads lead to Zakynthos
A crossroads of the East and the West, Zakynthos had always been and still is a meeting place for people, populations, nations and a `melting pot` for cultures.
You can visit it very easily, wherever you come from:

By road & boat
The island of Zakynthos is accessed by the northwest end of the Peloponnese,
through the port of Kililini.
- The distance is 17 n.m. and the trip takes only one hour. The ferries are modern and closed-type.
- The road trip from Patras to Killini takes only 45 minutes.
- If travelling from Athens, via the Athens
- Patras national highway, it will only take 3.15 hours to get to Killini.
- If travelling from Thessaloniki, the indicated route is via the Egnatia Odos to Ioannina and then, to Patras via the Rio- Antirrio Bridge (which is a unique sight). Estimated time from Thessaloniki to Killini: 6 hours.
- If travelling from Larissa, the indicated route is via Lamia - Bralos and then, to Patras via the Rio - Antirrio Bridge. Estimated time: 5.30` hours

By air
- Zakynthos has direct flights to Athens , with one flight a day during the winter months and two flights a day in the summer.
- Zakynthos has also flights to and from all the Ionian Islands and Iraclio of Crete.


Milanio Maritime Museum