Nautilos boats organizes cruises for magical and unforgettable tours around the coasts of Zakynthos. You can also rent your own boat.
Let an experienced captain take charge of your cruise, or rent and sail the boat yourselves, in order to enjoy the fascinating waters and the picturesque caves of the island!
The famous sea turtles Careta-Careta in Laganas, the exotic Cameo Island (Agios Sostis in Greek), the Keri caves and of course the best known Shipwreck Beach (Navagio), are only a few of the special and unforgettable sights of Zakynthos that you can explore with our sea tours and travel according to your needs.
Our boats are new and fully equipped with everything that is needed.
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Nautilos Boats offers you the chance to rent a boat to explore the beauties of Zakynthos with comfort and safety while on sail.
Sail solo or hire an experienced captain to deliver the experience to you and relieve you from the stress of having to orient yourselves.
After you park your car, you can enjoy our beautiful Ionian island, going from the one beach to the other to explore its open and also its hidden corners!

Contact Nautilos Boats now to rent a boat according to your needs!

Sea tours in the gulf of Laganas and the Shipwreck

1) 3 hour cruise (without captain)
Helones – Marathonisi – Keri Caves
Starting your sea tour from the port of Agios Sostis in Laganas, you will get the chance to meet and take a picture of the well-known sea turtles Careta-Careta. Thanks to its warm waters and its low depth, the gulf of Laganas is home to thousands of sea turtles every year!
In your first stop in Marathonisi, also known as “the island of the turtle”, you will get the chance to find plenty of caves with eggs laid by the sea turtle Careta-Careta, which is protected by the Sea Park of Zakynthos as endangered species. This place covers all preferences! Sand and shallow waters in the beach of the front side, caves and blue-green caves with pebbles on the other side of the island.
After you enjoy Marathonisi, we suggest you visit Keri caves. In the southwest edge of Zakynthos the naturally carved rocks form arch-shaped caves, which you can sail with the luxurious boats of Nautilos Boats.
At the end, discover secret beaches, dive deep into the green waters and reach the well-known rocky islets Myzithres, where the “wild” side of the Ionian sea waits for you as well as one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

2) 4hour cruise (with a captain)
With the small harbor of Agios Sostis in Laganas as a starting point, Nautilos Boats allows you to be from the South part of Zakynthos to the famous Shipwreck sight just within a few minutes, without having to spend hours inside a car.
Trust the experienced captains of Nautilos Boats to deliver you a guided tour in the most famous place in Zakynthos. With its deep blue waters and its white sand, the Shipwreck beach will reward you for the journey.
After you enjoy a dive there, explore rocky beaches with green waters in the west side of Zakynthos, accessible only by sea. Enter caves with blue waters and find unexplored beaches, just for you and your company. On the way back, you will get the chance to dive into the uniquely beautiful Keri Caves.
Additionally, before your way back there’s always a chance to pass by the sea-turtles Careta-Careta.

3) A cruise to accommodate your needs
Upon agreement, we can start our journey from the Port of Zakynthos and adapt it to your own needs and wishes
Do not hesitate tο send us your request. We will be glad to cater to your needs.

4) Pick up from your place of residence
Upon agreement, Nautilos Boats also undertakes your pick-up from your place of residence, with punctuality and professionalism.


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