From Argasi to Vasilikos

Argasi is the tourist resort closest to the city, with sandy, safe beaches and many tourist services. In Argasi, the “Vrisakia”, was the city`s main source of water supply during the Venetian rule.  The tower of Domenegini hosted many of the meetings of the Filiki Eteria members of the island. Young Ugos Foskolos took shelter here, when persecuted by the authorities after defending the Jews of Zakynthos.

At the south of the island lies Skopos. In ancient times, it hosted the shrine of Artemis, while in its place there now stands the monastery of Panagia Skopiotissa. The area of Vasilikos boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the island and the most significant habitats of the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta Caretta, such as Sekania and Dafne, where the Turtle Museum is located.

The most beautiful beaches, with fabulous beach bars, on this side of the island are: Kaminia, Porto Zoro, Porto Azzuro, Ionio, Banana, Agios Nikolaos, Porto Roma and Gerakas. If you enjoy water sports, have fun with water ski, Jet Ski, windsurfing, pedaloes and parasailing.

A relaxed ride

An afternoon tour of the city, the “chora” of Zakynthos, by carriage will allow you to see its most significant sites: 
The church of Faneromeni, one of the most significant churches of Zakynthos, a monument of art and culture, the“Xenopoulio” Museum, the church of the Patron saint of Zakynthos Agios Dionysios, with its lovely steeple piercing the sky, the Ecclesiastic Museum, located just next to the new wing of the Holy Monastery of Agios Dionysios and Strofades. Look for the small elegant religious souvenirs on sale here.
Try a local medieval snack, the fitura, which along with the pasteli [sesame bar], are the main sweet treats of the fairs on the island. Sense the special aroma of the “Flower of Levante” in one of the unique jasmine varieties, grantuka or bugarini.

Zakynthian tastes

With its Mediterranean and Venetian influences, the local cuisine is exceptional. Virgin olive oil, fresh fish, traditional cheese, tasty tomatoes and locally grown white onions, homemade bread and local wine transfer the tastes, images and aromas of the nature of Zakynthos straight into your dishes. You can taste them in the traditional tavernas scattered throughout the island.