Eleftherios Venizelos Airport in Athens

Transportation Greece

During the past few decadew the transportation network of the country was modernised and impressively upgraded and, as a result, Greece today has an integrated

Epidaurus theatres come alive with the works of great Greek playwrights such as Aeschylus, Euripides, Sophocles and more

Theatre Arts & Culture Greece

Through the centuries, the theatre never ceased to exist and to influence the way of life and thought of the Greeks. 1957 is an important

Jewellery Shopping

Shopping Greece

It`s great fun shopping locally for typically regional goods such as olives, cheeses, nougat and honey, dried herbs and decorative ceramic pots. Local shops may

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Music Arts & Culture Greece

Greek music has developed over many centuries and has been subject to various historical and geographical influences: Ancient Greek music, Byzantine and Minster music, provide

Dionysios Solomos

Literature Arts & Culture Greece

During the War of Independence and after the liberation of the country, the leading figures in poetry were Dionyssios Solomos (1798-1857) and Andreas Kalvos (1792-1869). The choice of the city


Learn Greek

Dictionary EN Dictionary GR Greek Numbers Arithmi Αριθμοί 1 ena ένα 2 dio δύο 3 tria τρία 4 tessera τέσσερα 5 pente πέντε 6 exi

Greek Wine

Greek Wines – Gastronomy Greece

Apart from giving birth to Dionysus, patron god of wine, Greece is the birthplace of the first VQPRD wines in history. They were the wines

Greek Recipes

Greek Recipes – Gastronomy Greece

STARTERS SALADS SIDE DISHES TZAZIKIIngredients:500 grams (1/2 quart) of Greek yoghurt (or natural full, dairy yoghurt)Three garlic cloves1/2 cup of olive oil1/2 sliced cucumberPut the

Traditional Greek Foods

Greek Products – Gastronomy Greece

OLIVE OILOlive oil plays a unique role in Greek dietary habits, being the basis of all recipes of traditional cuisine. Greek olive oil enjoys worldwide

Olympian Gods

Greek Mythology – Olympian Gods

Although there were many gods, goddesses, lesser gods and so on, there were twelve who were seen as the most powerful.All twelve lived up on

Greek Islands

Greek Islands

The islands are Greece`s chief morphological trait and an integral part of the country`s civilisation and tradition. The Greek territory comprises 6,000 islands and islets

Greek Cuisine

Greek Cuisine – Gastronomy Greece

What distinguishes traditional Greek cuisine is a combination of the following factors: unique ingredients, the Greek philosophy regarding eating and sharing meals, as well as

Greek Coast

Greek Coasts

The Greek coast has a total length of approximately 16,000 km. Half of these are on the thousands of Greek islands, while the rest extends

The monasteries of Meteora are located just outside the town of Kalabaka, Greece

Geography Environment Greece

Greece has been divided traditionally into the following geographical regions: The Attica region (Athens metropolitan area)Almost half of the Greek population lives in the Attica


Gastronomy Greece

The unique tastes of Greece guarantee that you are in for many culinary surprises during your stay in the country. Contrary to common belief, you


Flora & Fauna Environment Greece

Greece is endowed with a variety of flora unrivalled in Europe (some 5,500 species of flora have been identified), being particularly rich in unique plant


Entertainment Greece

EntertainmentGreece is famous for its vivid lifestyle. All visitors may have an excellent stay and experience a lot of pleasant activities. Apart from getting to

Zorba The Greek, 1964

Cinema Arts & Culture Greece

The first full-length Greek film was produced in 1914. The country`s major studio (Finos Film) was founded in 1943. The Greek film industry produced films that attracted

Mount Athos

Churches Monasteries Greece

The churches, places intended to meet the needs of Christian worship, are a characteristic and inextricable element of the Greek landscape. From the austere, aisleless

Stavros Niarchos Park

Arts and Culture Greece

Civilisation is the sum total of the material and cultural achievements of a group of people. Culture and arts are two concepts that are closely


Accommodation Greece

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Annually it welcomes more than 14 million tourists, a figure that places it in the