From the sea to the mountains

One of the most beautiful villages of Zakynthos is Macherado. Admire the church of Agia Mavra, with its magnificent carved steeple, the chapel of Ypapanti and, going uphill on the way to Kiliomenos, make a stop at theMonastery of Panagia Eleftherotria. At Kiliomenos, visit the church of Agios Nikolaos, with its amazing stone steeple and the Monastery of Panagia Yperagathou. Buy local products, homemade bread, local ladotyri [cheese], sweetened fruits in syrup and rusks from the Women`s Association of the village “E Melissiotisses”.

On the mountain overseeing the Ionian

Try a snack of fresh homemade bread with tomatoes, olives, local virgin olive oil, local ladotiri and oregano. Visit Agios Leontas, with its beautiful church of Agia Paraskevi and continue to Exo Chora, to see the great plane on the square and the perennial olive tree of the village. Cool off on the steep beaches of the area, such as Korakonisi, Roxa, Limnionas, Stenitis and Porto Vromi, combining a rugged landscape with crystal aquamarine waters. Try the fruits of the sea! Fresh fish, fished right here, and tasty delicacies, pickled or grilled octopus, squid, shellfish and anything you can think of.

Traditional villages
Stroll through the traditional villages of Lucha and Giri, with their small stone houses. Walk on the pathways of their touring routes. At Kabi, visit the local Mycenaean cemetery. Experience an unforgettable sunset, in a wild yet friendly, enchanting and imposing scenery.

Good wine
Dine on local traditional cuisine. Stuffed chicken roast and rabbit stew, always served with wine from Zakynthos, from the rich vineyards of the island.