Oinolpi winery is the place where the exceptional local varieties of grapes Skiadopoulos, Gustoulidis, Pavlos, Robola, Katsakoulias, Koutsoubelis and Avgoustiatis are planted.
The winery is situated in an area of 17 ha, in the area of Agria in the village of Macherado.
The visitor will be allured by the olive grove surrounding the place.
The image of the estate is harmonically completed with the private chapel of Saint George, which is decorated with artworks of local (Ionian) hagiography, a work of Zakynthian hagiographers.
The visit includes tours in the vineyards and wine tasting.


Oenolpi Winery - Agria Macherado Zakynthos

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    Agria - Macherado, 29092 Zakynthos
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