The beach of Keri, also called Lake of Keri, took its name from the big lake that used to be there in the old times, and which nowdays is drained.
In the Lake of Keri you may find traditional Taverns and beautiful Bars & Cafes and, Diving Schools. On the coastal street one can send beautiful evenings. There you may also find the Diving schools which oragnise diving lessons and divng cruises, a sport that many visitors prefer.
It also worths to rent your small boat or get taken by a Kaiki, to visit the splendid Marathonisi and the Light blue Caves.

At the end of the coastal street there is a small port that shelters fishing boats but also the boats of the visitors.
Furthermore, if you explore the area a little bt on your own, you will find small coasts with pebble and rocks that offer absolute privacy.

Beach Facilities
  • Sand & Pebble beach, Shallow waters, Parking on street, Βoat rental, Scuba Diving activities, Beach bar, Restaurant, Traditional tavern, Very crowded during peak season, Ombrellas and sundecks with charge, Easily accessed, Water-taxi service

Keri Beach - Keri Zakynthos