At a short distance from the Lake of Keri, we meet the beach of Marathias with the pebble and spotless deep waters, offers absolute relaxation, as there are no bars or cafes on this beach.
Nearby, you may find several traditional Greek Taverns.

Above the beach unfold slopes with olive trees, under bushy tops.
The access of the beach is considered quiet difficult as you should walk down a hill in order to reach it. Nevertheless, the unique beauty, makes this beach popular and dear to all the visitors. On the beach there are no bars or restaurants, therefore take care to carry with you all the necessary water and food for your stay there.

Beach Facilities
  • Pebble beach, Deep waters, Traditional tavern, Very crowded during peak season, Ombrellas and sundecks with charge, Sunset view

Marathias Beach - Keri Zakynthos