The famous area of Mpochali, is found in the highest point of the city of Zakynthos (Zante). From there the view is astonishing as we can see not only a panoramic view of the city but also other areas of Zakynthos. This area was from the first areas to be tourist developed, since in the old times the Capital of island was a few metres away, inthe Castle.

The great mansions that existed there, have been destroyed, but the residents of the area stll try to maintain the tradition by following the traditional architecture.

In works made in the previous century, finds testify the existence of Pantheons dedicated in the Gods Apollo and Venus.

In the square of Mpochali, dominates the church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Hrysopigi with its tall belfry that is visible from every point in the city. Several parts of the Temple were taken from the old church of Panagia Hrysopigi of the 16th century that initially was located in the Castle. Inside the church, we admire fretwork temple and the pictures of Panagia Hrysopigi that has been covered with silver as her form due to the passing of times had been degraded. This picture is dated in the 848.


Mpochali - Zakynthos