Volimes located 30 km northwest of Zakynthos Town and is in the mountainous part of the island. It is the largest mountain in the area and population of the village and basically is the capital of the mountain villages. The village extends from the top of mountain Vrachionas (Upper Volimes) and ends in the northern seas of the island (Down Volimes). More specifically the beaches Xigia, Makrys Gialos, Agios Nikolaos (Schinari) belong to this village. The natural beauty of the landscape will enchant you with its pine forests, olive groves, local farms and vineyards resulting in crystal clear blue waters. The sunset in this area is impressive and enchanting for the romantics and not only. Do not forget to visit the monastery of Agios Andreas to admire the beautiful frescoes, many of those who survived now adorn the hagiographic museum of the island. Also in the village is the picturesque church of Agios Georgios (Gremna) named because it was built in part to the steep slope of the mountain. Also in the village is the Anafonitria monastery moniase Saint-Dionysios. The church of Agia Paraskevi with remarkable pictures and paintings of one of the most interesting sights. It is also worth observing the traditional architecture of the houses and monasteries in the region. Volimes represent the starting point of your exploration in the northern parts of the island with numerous caves, blue sea and the well-known shipwreck.

Volimes not very developed tourist and for this reason there are many tourist accommodations for your stay. The southern part of the village is quite elaborate because it is beachfront. There you can find furnished apartments. Also in Makrigialos beach there is camping, for the fans especially of nature. Hotel units do not exist, only one in the neighboring village of Kampi. Finally the last several years have built luxury stone villas for fans of luxury holidays.

Your transfer to Volimes is particularly difficult because it is an uphill road with many turns. However, all the roads are paved and well worth visiting the region because literally the combination of green nature with the blue of the Ionian will amaze you. There is bus service to Zakynthos town twice a day.

Volimes you can enjoy authentic, Zakynthos, traditional cuisine. In the southern coastal part of the village there are several taverns to combine swimming with a in Zakynthian appetizers. Also in the mountainous part, are  taverns offers  the local traditional cuisine. All of these are family and hospitality that will offer you unforgettable.

On the northwestern side of the island there are beaches with crystal clear, deep waters will amaze you as they offer a unique feeling of peace and tranquility. Xigia beaches with warm, spa, water that is unique in the island. Makrys Gialos will impress you with its crystal clear waters, while Saint Nicholas Volimon is a picturesque harbor, which is the only place that connects Zakynthos with the neighboring island of Kefalonia. All beaches contained within picturesque bays. Also, these beaches are the nearest beaches of the Blue Caves, daily boats trips gets you there.

The wreck is a unique beach surrounded by white, sheer cliffs, lush and soft, golden sand resting in the clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Access to it is by boat only. The wreck is the hallmark of tourism in Zakynthos, Greece and around the world.

The village`s economy is based on farming and agricultural products. There are many gift shops and souvenirs with a wide variety of artifacts, beautiful carpets, leather goods, bags, miniature turtles, ceramics, and even desserts made with honey and almond nougat (pasteli and mantolato). Even you can find local products such as cheese (graviera, myzithra), bread, honey, oregano, etc.

Night life
Nightlife Volimes there is only the restaurants that offer cuisine Zakynthos until late evening. Nature thrives during the day so it is a natural consequence of the night to cool off.


Volimes - Zakynthos