If snorkeling and diving are your things then you should head straight to Makris Gialos beach.  The secluded beach is located on the North East coast of the island about 30 km from Zakynthos Town. The water is deep, clean, and crystal clear and there are caves that can be accessed from the beach which are great for snorkeling and diving adventurers.

There is a nearby dive school for all diving needs.  The beach is not too crowded as there are no facilities or amenities.  The water at Makris Gialos beach gets very deep very quickly so it is not the best option for children but great for adventurers or couples looking to escape to a beautiful secluded beach for the day.  The beach is located a short walk down from the main road and there is car parking available.

The wild beauty of the surroundings makes this beach extremenely impressive.
In the tall waterworn rocks, small caves have been formed.

In the top of a cliff that stands above the beach, we can rest and eat in the small tavern that offers traditional greek dishes.



Beach Facilities
  • Photographed spot, Pebble beach, Deep waters, Free Parking, Scuba Diving activities, Traditional tavern, Very crowded during peak season, Ombrellas and sundecks with charge, Camping is prohibited, Sunrise view, Easily accessed

Makris Gialos - Volimes Zakynthos