Although the Church of Agia Mavra in Mahairado does not contain precious jewells, and although the archirecture it is built follows the normal Royal standards, it is considered to be a very important church. The castellated belfry is enough to give the church an imposing presense. The belfry was built in such a way, that when the bells ring their sound is heard at a very long distance.

Inside the chuch is kept the thaumaturgist picure of Agia Mavra, jewelled by numerous and valuable offerings of the religionists.

According to tradition, the thaumaturgist picture of Agia Mavra was found from a shepherd hanging from a tree. The shepherd carried it every the morning to his village but every night the picture returned it the tree.
This point was then chosen for the building of the church

The gold sculptured temple and the frescos painted by remarkable hagiographers (Pelekasis, Latsis etc) are pieces that imposingly jewell the interior.

Hundreds are the locals but also the tourists that visit this church in order to admire its beauties and honor its presence.

The village celebrates this church every year on the 3rd of May and the festival that takes place there can only be matched with St.Dionisios festival.
On May 3rd the whole village gathers there in the nighttime and celebrate and pray unril the morning.


Agia Mavra Church - Lagopodo Zakynthos