From the village of Argasi we take the road that leads to the top of the mountain Skopos. The route is quite tyring but the result deserves it, in order for us to admire the astonishing view and visit the Monastery of Panagia (Virgin Mary) the Skopiotissa.

This church was built in 1624. The monastery has been destroyed but in the interior of the church still exist splendid murals. This church differs by far from the other Zakynthian churches. It is the only one with a dome, it is white and resembles to the small churches found in the Aegean islands. Its temple is made of Stone.

The symbol of the Byzantine Empire (Bicipital Eagle) is also impressive. It is signifiable in the floor of the church. The picture of Virgin Mary the Skopiotissa was brought in Zakynthos (Zante) from Istamboul.


Panagia Skopiotissa Church - Argassi Zakynthos