Dolphins symbolize freedom, joy, power, and the glory and harmony of nature. They are creatures that have a special ability to communicate between them with sounds while they are considered very social creatures that many times had saved man form drowning.

Dolphins are sea mammals, no fishes. They are warm-blooded creatures like humans and have the ability to give birth to a baby every 1-2 years. Newborn dolphins have length from 90-130 cm and when they comes to an age they may reach up to 4 meters. Certain types of dolphins can live up to 40 years. Dolphins have been conditioned to the sea environment since the last 45-50 millions years, as they have developed from the kreododas that were animals of land and assembled with today’s carnivorous mammals of land.

Dolphins move in water with the help of their dynamic tail. The force of their tail, allows them to reach high speeds inside and outside water, make big jumps, dive fast in big depths and chase their food. Sometimes their tail reflects their feelings, as when we see dolphins striking their tails with force, then it is a signal of danger they produce in order to warn their party or a signal they are bothered by our presence. Their side flippers are useful for moving themselves in the water and for caressing other dolphins.
Dolphins make a practice of swimming together and spin in harmonic movements.