A small Venetian watchtower on the beach of the village Kypseli (old name Belousi) in Zakynthos. It is close to a similar watchtower, the Vardiola of Tsilivi.

About Vardiolas in generalThe word “vardiola” originates probably from the word guardiola (a common castle term meaning guard or observatory from the Italian word “guarda”). It is used for the various watchtowers that the Venetians built on the coasts of the Ionian islands. There are vardiolas in Kythira, Cephalonia and Zakynthos.

The Vardiolas of Zakynthos have a very particular design: small dimensions, strong stone walls with a square-pyramid-shaped roof.

Most of the vardiolas in Zakynthos were constructed during the administration of the Venetian Proveditore (Governor) Claudio Gherardini who held this position during the period 1768-1770.


Vardiola - Kypseli Zakynthos