Laganas, at the south-west coast of Zakynthos (Zante), is without doubt the largest resort in Zakyntos and a real magnet for young people and families that seek recreation!
All this next to a wonderful, sandy beach (9 km long) with warm and clean waters.
In Laganas the visitor has a wide selection of hotels, apartments, restaurants, taverns, bars and clubs.

There are lots of lodging establishments at Laganas, for every possible taste and purse: Hotels, studios, apartments, bungalows and campings, busy or quiet.

There is frequent bus service to the town of Zakynthos and many places where one may rent a car, jeep, bicycle or bike. There is also a taxi station on the main road of Laganas, next to the beach.

Laganas is full of taverns and restaurants that offer menus from the greek, english, chinese, italian and indian cuisine. There are also fast-foods.
Some of the taverns also offer a live greek music show with traditional singing and dancing.

The beach
Laganas beach is the largest on the island, of exquisite natural beauty. It´s 9 km long, with warm, clean waters. You need more than an hour to walk along the beach end-to-end!
There are umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, and there are many taverns along the beach. If you don´t like the crowded center of the beach, just a few minutes of walking will take you to a more quiet spot.
The beach is ideal for children, owing to the shallow, warm waters and the fine sand. Laganas beach has been a reproduction place for the world-famous Caretta sea turtle. Their egg-laying period coincides with the summer vacations. During July and August, the female turtles come ashore to bury their eggs about 50 cm in the sand. The warm sand causes the eggs to hatch and the baby turtles emerge 8 weeks later, immediately heading to the moonlit sea.
So, in order to protect the turtle, no power sea sports or boats are allowed at the eastern part of Laganas bay. Also, people are not allowed at the beach after sunset. However, during the daylight hours, you may watch the turtles in their natural environment using special glass-bottom boats.
There are numerous small boats that take people to other beaches.

There are many shops in the area of Laganas, offering everything a visitor may need: Supermarkets, groceries, bakeries (offering many kinds of bread and sweets), gift shops, jeweleries, leatherwear and clothes shops. Many of the gift shops offer, among other things, miniature Caretta dolls and many hand-made products.

The great nightlife
Laganas is renowned for the best and most lively nightlife it offers. In the night, music turns loud, as the clubs and bars complete to capture the visitors attention!
Most of the clubs and bars are along the main road of Laganas, where you may find:
Alcohol beverages, lively atmosphere and dancing music at a multitude of places
Many cafés with wide-screen TV sets playing a different movie every night.
Quiz-nights and snack-bars.
English type bars.
All kinds of music
Karaoke bars
Theme nights, live dancing and singing at dancing clubs.
Most of the bars and clubs open (free admission) at about 18:30 and close at four in the morning (weekdays) and six in the morning during weekends!


Laganas - Zakynthos