The town and the capital of the island is built in the eastern part of the island, at the foot of the hill Mpochali. It is a modern city built after the earthquake of 1953, which expands, is formed and continuously improved in recent years to meet the ever increasing activities in the tourism and cultural sectors. The imposing traditional buildings with arches, arched windows and picturesque squares retain the traditional style of the old city. Here is the main port of the island connecting Zakynthos Peloponnese. Also every day boat trips go round the island to enjoy the Shipwreck Blue Caves, Marathonissi and many other attractions.

Solomos Square, in the center of the coastal highway Lomvardou (Strata Marina), surrounds the neoclassical buildings of the National Bank, the Post Byzantine Museum, City Hall, the Municipal Library and hosts the statue of the national poet Dionysios Solomos.

Going to the city and through a picturesque pedestrian encounter cafes, bars and restaurants busy during the whole year. Arriving in traditional paved San Marco Square meet the neoclassical building of the Mausoleum Solomos and Eminent-Kalvou Zakynthos as well as the Catholic Church of San Marco and the traditional clock. The Catholic Church follows the traditional model element that gives a grandeur and charm the visitor.

From this point the route starts on May 21 associated with Alexander Roma where there is a shopping center with traditional Venetian arches. It has a great variety of shops for all needs of the local population and visitors. In the city center, in place is the Prefecture of Zakynthos which hosts many public services.

Zakynthos town there are many impressive churches and foremost that of St. Dionysios, patron of the island, where it is kept and holy relic. The towering steeple and many works of art, images and murals inside the church will really impress you. Also worth admiring the Temple of Faneromeni with its medieval bell tower was rebuilt as it was first built with hewn stone them. Even traditional churches are those of Our Lady of Angels and St. Nicholas shore where built as they were before the earthquake of 1953.

Moreover, in the town of Zakynthos is worth visiting the Museum of Occupation and National Resistance housed at the Cultural Center, the Folk Museum located in Leonidas Zois, home of G. Xenopoulos where he spent his childhood. The area has been formed and has now become a museum.

Just 1 km Located at the foot Mpochali which is built, as mentioned before, the town of Zakynthos. Worth admiring the panoramic view offered by the region after lie ahead for the town and the majestic waters. In the picturesque district of Mpochali with cobblestone streets, flower gardens and shops with traditional serenades really enchanted. A visit to the Venetian castke and the pine forest. Even prior to ascend Mpochali must pass the hill Strani in which our national poet inspired the national anthem.


Zakynthos Town