The multifarious coasts of Keri reach the 18 kilometres, create innumerable beaches, creeks and natural ports. The combination of the mountaneous landscape, the astonishing precipices and the full of mystery caves, makes this area a paradise for every diver or householder of a boat.

Ashore, the colour of water frequently takes a blue-green color from the reflections of the sun, and several times takes a silvercolor. The landscape is astonishing.

The Kamares, are two natural enormous stone bridges known as small and big Kamara. The waters there even if very deep, are so clean that we may see the up to the basement of these rocks.

The Blue Caves, the Bat cave, the Seal Cave and several other, were created by the erosion of the rocks. They are impressive and the alternation of colours inside and outside the caves is admirable.
In them we admire the crystal blue colour of the water, and the light reflections on the rocks.


Keri Caves - Keri Zakynthos