Zakynthos Gastronomy

Zakynthian cuisine is typical of the Ionian islands. The food on the island of Zakynthos is similar to the other islands of the Ionians with small variations but definite influences from the Venetians as well as from the Cretans that immigrated here in the 17th century AD.

The food in Zakynthos consists of traditional Mediterranean ingredients such as olive oil, vegetables, garlic, herbs, fruits, honey, yoghurt and cheese. Most of these delicious ingredients are actually produced on the island and the more traditional tavernas will ensure that they source local products.

Zakynthian gastronomy is defined by extensive use of virgin olive oil which neutralizes the acidity of tomatoes and lemons with garlic and prefers fragrant greens to hot spices. Zakynthos has many olive trees and produces oil of an extraordinary quality among Greek olive oils. As a result, Zakynthian recipes are rich in olive oil. and use a heady dose of garlic. “Sartsa” can be considered the “national” dish: Beef cooked in a casserole, with tomatoes, garlic, local oil cheese “ladotyri” and a little oregano. Another typical Zakynthian recipe is “Skordostoumbi”, made with aubergines and large quantities of garlic, “Rabbit Stew” and “Beef Ragout”.

In Zakynthos, not only is food a way of life, but the loving manner in which food is gathered, prepared and served at the table is equally important. When eating with local Zakynthians, you enjoy delicious organic food at a leisurely pace, with laughter, hearty conversation and singing.

The natural menu of the Zakynthian people is determined by the seasons. It provides a healthy attitude towards food, and an active, balanced diet.

Traditional Zakynthian cuisine is prepared to stimulate the senses, with all the pungency of mountain herbs. Bay, oregano, rosemary, basil, parsley, thyme, mint, sage, lemon and garlic are just a handful of aromatic ingredients used in the preparation of food in Zakynthos.

You may enjoy the exquisite local dishes, in traditional Tavernas all over the island along with the local music, kantades & arekies songs, enjoying the pure local wine of your preference.