The church of Agios Nikolaos of Mole (St. Nikolaos) is the unique Venetian building that survived the destructive earthquake and the fire in 1953. It was built in 561 from the guild of Seamen, who in order to it honour St.Dionsios, elected him to be its vicar.

Initially the church was built on a small island which was linked to the mainland with a bridge. After the several embankments that took place in the island for its extension, the island was linked to the mainland.

Externally the church is faced with Stone and the belfry (which in the old days accommodated the Light of the Port) has been restored. The architectural style of this church follows the rules of the Royal Monoclinall. Inside the church, the pontifical vestments of Saint Dionisios are kept, as a tribute to the relation of the Saint with this church.

From this point begins also the the litany of Friday in the Easter.


Agios Nikolaos Molou Church - Zakynthos