Entertainment Greece

Greece is famous for its vivid lifestyle. All visitors may have an excellent stay and experience a lot of pleasant activities. Apart from getting to know the culture, the idyllic countryside, the Greek gastronomy, visitors should meet the tingling Greek life style.

To start with, a lot of theatres, music cafes, trendy shops, music stages, cinemas, bars, night clubs, dancing clubs, funky restaurants, classy meeting points, casinos and after hours are easy to access everywhere in Greece, all year round.

Usually, all nightclubs opening hours are from 10.00p.m until dawn. Nevertheless, it is easy to find places for entertainment during the daylight as well.
People of all ages may find a suitable place to have fun and to get to know the famous Greek life style. Almost everywhere visitors choose to go they will have the opportunity to discover their place of interest and feel warmly welcomed.

Cultural Entertainment
Cultural tourism infrastructure also includes the existing concert halls, theatrical scenes, art halls and the ancient theatres. The non-tangible cultural heritage (traditional music, customs and folklore festivities etc.) constitutes an important part of cultural resources.
The open-air cinemas are yet another attraction offered in this country. One of the delights of Greek evenings is to sit in a garden of trees and flowers, under a starry sky and enjoy an outdoor movie. Films are not dubbed in Greek. They are shown with Greek subtitles.