Spiros Liveris

Vardiola of Tsilivi

The word “vardiola” originates probably from the word guardiola (a common castle term meaning guard or observatory from the Italian word “guarda”). It is used

Vardiola of Kypseli

A small Venetian watchtower on the beach of the village Kypseli (old name Belousi) in Zakynthos. It is close to a similar watchtower, the Vardiola of

Banana Beach

Banana beach is the longest stretch of beach in Zante and boasts soft white sand and crystal clear water.  Located 14 km or a 20-minute

Solomos Wines

Solomos Wines is situated on the foot of the historic Venezian Castle of Zakynthos. The family makes wines at this same area for four generations

History War Museum

The History War Museum is located in the Galaxy Beach Resort in Laganas and holds various exhibits and memorabilia from World War II, the Korean

Aristeon Ecological Olive Press

The Olive press Aristaion a traditional family business located in Lithakia Zakynthos. The route starts in 1850 with the traditional animal movement press, part of

Zakynthos Town

The town and the capital of the island is built in the eastern part of the island, at the foot of the hill Mpochali. It


Keri is a small village located about 19 km south-west from the town of Zakynthos (Zante), overlooking the deep blue of the Ionian sea. Keri


Kalamaki, a peaceful resort next to Laganas, is only 7 km from the town of Zakynthos (Zante), a small village built along the beach. Kalamaki


Volimes located 30 km northwest of Zakynthos Town and is in the mountainous part of the island. It is the largest mountain in the area

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is located 13 km from the town and just 2 km from the center of Laganas which is the most popular and busiest


Argassi is the nearest resort to the town of Zakynthos  (4 km) and is a constantly developing tourist attraction, built along a nice beach. Argassi


Alykanas is a small traditional village built around a church and a small marketplace, surrounded by fertile fields and many farms. Is located 16 km


Alykes village is located 18 km to the north-west of Zakynthos (Zante) town. The area was named after the salt works that used to operate

Agios Ioannis Prodromos Monastery

This monastery is found near the settlement of the Hartata, on the northern side of the mountain Melissa. Originally established in 16th century, but dissolved

Agios Georgios Filikon Church

Agios Georgios of Filikon is a chapel built in the 17th century by the noble family of Georgios Latinou. Zakynthos it was a place with an

Venetian Tower

In order to see the small Venetian Tower you have to reach the town of Exo Chora, North of the island, and then go from

Ionio Beach

Ionio – Banana beach is a very long and wide beach with shallow wates and exotic style. The lack of natural shade is covered by

Porto Vromi

In one naturally protected harbour between sharp limestones we meet the small white sandy beach of Porto Vromi. The waters there are deep and crystal.

Porto Zorro Beach

The area of Vassilikos includes a long coastal area that extends at length at the south-eastern side of island. It features many picturesque and sandy

Agios Nikolaos Beach Volimes

The deep clear waters of the little bay of Agios Nikolaos is ideal for swimming. The area of Saint Nicholas Volimon is not particularly well

Xygia Sulfur Beach

Xygia beach, is a very smal picturesque beach, with a characteristic smell of sulfur, coming from a sulfureous source found in a cave nearby. Because

Tsilivi Beach

The last years the area of Tsilivi has been developed and nowadays is a wonderfull tourist resort with a lot of visitors. The large sandy

Marathonisi Beach (South Side)

Across the coast of Keri, lies the island of Marathonisi (or else called the island of Marathias), that imposingly jewels the gulf of Laganas. The

Marathonisi Beach (North Side)

Across the coast of Keri, lies the island of Marathonisi (or else called the island of Marathias), that imposingly jewels the gulf of Laganas. The

Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas rightly famous for its clear blue waters. The landscape is rocky and the coast (natural bay) is small and quiet. Will truly amaze

Laganas Beach

Distance from Zakynthos (Zante) town: 9 klm The area of Laganas is the most cosmopolitan and tourist developed area of Zakynthos.It is located in the

Keri Beach

The beach of Keri, also called Lake of Keri, took its name from the big lake that used to be there in the old times,

Kalamaki Beach

The area of Kalamaki was developed after the big tourist growth of Lagana. Here the life is also cosmopolitan but quieter. The hotels are smaller

Gerakas Beach

The beach of Gerakas, is very long and wide, and it might be considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. This

Alykes Beach

Alykes beach is a very long sandy beach. The geographic place and the spotless beach, have made this area an organized tourist resort, mainly for

Alykanas Beach

Despite the relatively long distance from the city of Zakynthos, the beach of Alykanas has, during the last years been developed to a very attractive

Public Historical Library

The Zakynthos Public Library is one of the oldest and richest Public Libraries in the country. The Public Historical Library was established in 1628 first founded inside

Venetian Castle

The Venetian castle located in the Mpohalis and just 2 km from the city. The Castle has great historical importance as it inside the Medieval

Romas Mansion

In the seaside of Zakynthos town stands proud and quite , for the last four centuries, the Mansion of the Roma family, closely related to

Xenopoulos Museum

The Museum of the well-known Greek writer Grigorios Xenopoulos (1867-1951) is situated at the district of Faneromeni in the town of Zakynthos. The Museum contains

Nautical Museum

The Milanio Maritime Museum is located in Tsilivi, 7 km. northeast of the town of Zakynthos. Founder of the museum is Anthony Miller, who gave

Agios Dionysios Museum

In the building of the monastery strofadon and the church of St. Dionysios in Zakynthos town has been established since 1979 the church museum which

Post Byzantine Museum

Standing in Solomos Square we will admire the imposing building that houses the Post Byzantine Museum. The building of the pre-earthquake museum collapsed with the

Kiria ton Aggelon Church

This impressive Church of Kiria ton Aggelon (Lady of the Angels) is found in Loukas Karrer street. The Church is dedicated in the Harvest of

Agios Dionysios Church

The church of the patron saint of the island is biggest that exists in the city. The foundation of the actual temple began in 1925

Askos Stone Park

Welcome to “Askos Stone Park”! Browse this site to collect some information and pictures regarding the activities taking place at the Park as well as

Venetian Fountain

The Venetian aqueduct located in Krioneri Zakynthos town. Today it is a stone fountain in the past but was a stone aqueduct which supplied the

Agios Sostis, Cameo Ιslet

The most pictresque point in the gulf of Laganas is the pine-cladded isle of Agios Sostis. This privately-owned small isle is located in the left

Strofades Monastery

During the first half of the 13th century the Emperor of Nikeas, Theodore Laskaris the 1st, was the founder of the Holy Monastery of Strofadi.

Shiza Cross

In the village of Kampi, in the top of the rock of Shiza, dominates a huge Cross that was built in the memory of those


The famous area of Mpochali, is found in the highest point of the city of Zakynthos (Zante). From there the view is astonishing as we

Lighthouse at Keri

Passing through the village of Keri, we reach the Lighthouse that is built at the edge of an sleep slope of 200 roughly metres depth.

Keri Sea Caves

The multifarious coasts of Keri reach the 18 kilometres, create innumerable beaches, creeks and natural ports. The combination of the mountaneous landscape, the astonishing precipices

Panagia Skopiotissa Church

From the village of Argasi we take the road that leads to the top of the mountain Skopos. The route is quite tyring but the


Across the coast of Keri, lies the island of Marathonisi (or else called the island of Marathias), that imposingly jewels the gulf of Laganas. The


Tsilivi is a small village with a nice sandy beach, about 4 km from the town of Zakynthos (Zante), near Planos area, surrounded by vineyards,


Vassilikos area is renowned for the natural beauty and tranquillity, a paradise for those who love the sea. The lush vegetation harmoniously combines with the

Lofos Strani

Two kilometres away from Zakynthos city, we arrive at Strani Hill. This is were our National Poet Dionisios Solomos, who ispired from canonnades in Mesologgi,

Helmis Natural History Museum

The Museum of Natural History Helmi is the only natural history museum in Zakynthos. Inaugurated on 2 November 2000 by Panagiotis Helmi housed in Agia


The two conical huge rocks, that bounce from the crystal blue waters in Keri, are called the Small & Big Mitzithra. They are found under