Spiros Liveris

Mycenaean Cemetery

The most significant Mycenaean site in Zakynthos can be found near the village of Kambi on the west side of the island. Mycenaean civilization was

Porto Vromi Maries Cruises & Fun

Starting from the magnificent Porto Vromi Maries, the nearest port to the shipwreck, visit with our boats the beautiful and famous beach of Shipwreck. Let

Vertzagio Folk Museum

Το Λαογραφικό Μουσείο Vertzagio στο γραφικό χωριό Πηγαδάκια είναι μια ανακατασκευή ενός παραδοσιακού Ζακυνθινού σπιτιού επιπλωμένα και διακοσμημένα με κομψά και πρωτότυπα κομμάτια. Πρόκειται για

Old Olive Tree

Exo Hora or Exo chora is a small village that is famous for its extremely old olive tree. It’s easy to spot the tree because

Apollon Zante Archery

Enjoy your time in Zakynthos !!! Have fun while testing your skills in field archery, located in a friendly environment in the countryside. No previous

Zakynthos Air Club

Zakynthos Airclub invites you to live a breathtaking experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the ultimate sense of freedom while flying in our helicopter. Take the

Laganas Horse Riding Center

The Tsourakis family have been taking tourists out on their horses since 1994, making them one of the oldest , most experienced and trustworthy riding

Exhibition Center of Caretta Caretta

The Thematic Exhibition Center of the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta-Caretta is located in Dafni which is in the municipal department of Vasilikos. The landscaped area

Ammoudi Beach

The beach at Amoudi is sandy being a continuation of the wider known beaches of Alykes and Alykanas and has crystal clear waters superb for

Amboula Beach

During the last years, the village of Tragaki near Tsilivi Resort has been tourist developed. Here we can find hotels, restaurants and several splendid sandy

Bouka Beach

The Bouka beach (Gaidaros) just off the beach of Tsilivi. A part of belonging to the community of Planou and the other belongs to the

Porto Koukla Beach

Perfect beach for anyone seeking a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Lovely spot from which to watch the magnificent sunset, for a special romantic evening. Beach

Kryoneri Beach

The coast of Krjoneri has minimal sandy beach. It is mainly constituted from low rocks from which becomes and the access in the sea. The

Plaz EOT

The municipal beach Zakynthos appropriate for those who want to stay in the city limits. The beach is quite crowded because it is located within

Oenolpi Winery

Oinolpi winery is the place where the exceptional local varieties of grapes Skiadopoulos, Gustoulidis, Pavlos, Robola, Katsakoulias, Koutsoubelis and Avgoustiatis are planted. The winery is situated

Callinico Winery

Callinico is the Traditional Winery and wine museum of Voultsos family. The visitor will have the opportunity to see the original machines used in the past

Grampsas Winery

The Family Grampsas Winery is located in the semi-mountainous village of the beautiful island of Zakythos named Lagopodo, at the foot of mount Vrachionas. Childhood

Panagia Faneromeni Church

On the southern side of the city of Zakynthos, at the district of Ammos, is situated the majestic church of Panagia Faneromeni, the most impressive

Panagia Hrysopigi Church

In the square of Mpochali, dominates the church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Hrysopigi with its tall belfry that is visible from every point in

Agios Nikolaos Molou Church

The church of Agios Nikolaos of Mole (St. Nikolaos) is the unique Venetian building that survived the destructive earthquake and the fire in 1953. It

Agios Markos Square

St. Markos square used to be the most important center for the social life of the Zakynthians. Big names of remarkable litterateus chose this square

Solomos Square

Dionisios Solomos Square is the central and bigger square in the city and there take place several religious and cultural events & celebrations. Here stands


Agalas is a small mountain village on the westcoast of the island, surrounded by pine trees and some olive groves. Only few visitors make it

Venetian Bridge

Literally in the sea in 10 meters distance from Argasi’s seashore is located the old bridge.This landmark of Argasi was built at the beggining of

Aquaduct Vrysakia

One of the finest buildings hidden in dense vegetation is the old Aqueduct located in “Vrysakia”. It was built in the 19th century collecting the

Domenegini Tower

Memories from the historic past of Argasi overbearing monuments which lay sparsely around the location. Probably the oldest of all, the Domenegini Tower is dated

Agios Nikolaos Megalomatis Church

The Byzantine church of Saint Nikolaos Megalomatis (the Large-Eyed) or Stratilatis (the Commander) is situated on the east side of Mt Skopos, southeast of the

Agios Stathis Church

The traditional celebration in honour of Agios Eustathios takes place in Argasi and it is dedicated to the village’s central church. Every 20th of September

Argassi Beach

Argasi is one of the most popular resorts in the island, and one of the most Touristic developed. The area of Argasi suits to those

Agios Spyridon of Sgournes Church

Next to the seashore coming from Town towards Argassi, there is the church of “St Spyridon of Sgournes”. It is a 16th century monastery which

Panagia Keriotissa Church

The church of Virgin Keriotissa is a real ornament, not only for the village of Keri but for the whole island. The initial form of

Goumas Estate Winery – Art & Wine

Art & Wine is located at Trilagkada, Zakynthos Island in Greece, near the mountainous settlement of Maries, northwestern of the island. Two different but connected


Orthonies is a picturesque mountain village which lies on the slopes of the Mountain Vrachionas, 25 kilometres northwest of Zakynthos town. Orthonies lies 450 meters above

Panagia Spiliotissa Monastery

Not to far away from the small village of Orthonies, you will find the small Monastery of our Lady (Panagia) Spiliotissa (of the cave)  It

Makris Gialos

If snorkeling and diving are your things then you should head straight to Makris Gialos beach.  The secluded beach is located on the North East

Panagia Yperagathou Monastery

Yperagathou Monastery is close to Kiliomeno Village. Built during the 17th century, the monastery is surrounded by beautiful greenery of oak trees and pine trees

Damianos Caves

Amongst the pine trees and olive groves lies the picturesque village Agalas. Pass by the traditional stone houses and narrow lanes following the signs for

Andronios Wells

The local legend says that Andronios was a dragon 300 meters tall that has made the 12 wells of Agalas village and has given them

Marathias Beach

At a short distance from the Lake of Keri, we meet the beach of Marathias with the pebble and spotless deep waters, offers absolute relaxation,

Panagia Anafonitria Monastery

The monastery of Panagia Anafonitria with its characteristic tower is situated in the area of Plemonariou, northwest of Zakynthos Zante. It was probably established in

Skinari Lighthouse

This lighthouse was manufactured in 1897. The altitude of tower is 9,5 metres and the height of focal plane is 67 metres. Located In Zante Isl. near

Blue Caves

In the northern side of the island, in the Eastern coast of cape Skinari, in the area of Aspros Vrahos, the Blue Caves of Volimes

Navagio Beach View

The beach of the Shipwreck, is perhaps one of the most famous beaches of Greece. It tooked its name in the ship that in 1983

Agios Georgios Gremnon Monastery

The area of Gremna is northwest of Zakynthos (Zante), a place imposing and grand that provokes fear in the visitors and agitation of the soul.